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getting around to the spots – public transports

Public transports in Dublin do not properly work with Google Maps, which makes moving around in the city and to the spots complicated. In addition, the websites and apps available are reliable, but not easy to use. As a result I think it is worth to provide a whole section in this guide to explain how to best use public transport in Dublin to get to the spots. 

You will need either a Bus or the Dart. 

For both of them, you will need either coins or a “leapcard”. 

I recommend using a leapcard because: 

  • You will need it every times you will need public transport
  • With Android phone it is easily rechargeable with the Leap Top-up app: [android]. This app is not available for iOS for now, but it is in development.
  • You can top up the leapcard easily online or at Luas, DART & Commuter Rail ticket machines. 
  • If you prefer coins, be aware that bus driver won’t give change back.    

Dublin Bus also works with a monthly or yearly subscription but it is quite expensive (€1450 yearly and €145 monthly, for Bus only – completely crazy if you want my opinion: more info), so except if you are an everyday commuter you would need to pay for each trip individually.

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