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Picture by Elaine Scales Photography

last edit: February 2021

Burrow beach is an amazing spot by low tide: you have a very nice flat area, and if you want to go further you can find some very nice waves. I really appreciate this diversity of styles you can have in one single session. 

It can be a bit busy when it is good conditions with lots of kiters in the “corridor” of flat, but there is so much space, as soon you launched your kite you can go far and enjoy empty areas. 

By high tide, it is also a lot of fun but it can get a bit choppy. 



  • Onshore: N. NW, N, NE
  • Cross shore: E
  • Off shore: W, S



Onshore winds are in general really good because the wind is “clean” (coming right from the ocean), so very steady. On the other hand, off shore wind can be very gusty as they come from the shore.

Getting confused with weather forecast? I wrote this article for you.

When low tide

When low tide, the sand bank emerges and has a flattening affect on the bay, making most of the spot very flat and shallow, and Sutton becomes just amazing.
Only downside as always when a spot is “too great” and when conditions are particularly good, is that it can be a bit busy on the flat and shallow areas.

Additionally, the waves a bit further are really nice: they are proper rideable waves.

I would suggest to take a quick look at the first part of this video from Patrick Haller as it shows very well how Burrow looks when low tide and you really can see the sand bank and the flat and shallow area:

When high tide

Burrow when high tide becomes significantly more choppy. It is still really rideable, but it is definitely not as much fun as when low tide.

Dunno how to check tides? Take a look at this article.


In the picture below you can see how looks one of the dikes by low tide:

Picture by Elaine Scales Photography

Important to note as well is to wear boots because pretty much everywhere shells can hurt your feet. This is particularly true with you are a beginner and will often be standing on your feet.

The “board graveyard”

Burrow beach is sometimes being called “the board graveyard” because in certain conditions the streams can very easily and quickly take away your board. 

Conditions in which you need to be particularly careful: 

  • W wind: W wind tends to be gustier, which also creates water streams. 
  • Tides going up: when the tide is getting higher and higher, it creates a narrow funnel on the west side of Burrow beach (circled in red on the map below), in which the water going up gets squeezed. It creates strong streams than can take away your board toward the west.
  • If you combine W wind and tides going up you have the riskiest configuration for losing your board as the wind will push you toward the east, while the stream will push your board toward the west.   

Getting there

With your own car

Park on Burrow Rd as close as possible to the walking path to the beach: [HERE].
Walking path to the beach: [PATH]. 

Good to know: 
– Parking is free. 
– It can get a bit busy when conditions are great, but I always found a spot to park on Burrow Road. 

By public transport

  1. Take the Dart with direction “Howth” : [DART]
  2. Hop off at the stop: [Sutton, Cill Fhionntain] (penultimate stop before Howth) 
  3. Walk this red path (Do not check on Google Map as it is not accurate) 

Good to know: 
– Costs for the Dart: one way is about €2.40 from the city center.
– Make sure to take the Dart with final stop “Howth”. Do not take the Dart with final stop Malahide: the Dart to Malahide also goes North but will not bring you to the stop Sutton. 
– About 15min easy walk, protected from wind, not too busy, all flat, with pavement. 

If you’re lost with public transports in Dublin, take a look at this article.

Opinions from kitesurfers

“Burrow in NW on mid tide is one of the best spots in Ireland”

Gareth Hanley

Contributors to this article

Gareth Hanley

Tony Humphreys

Maciej Aleksander Kedzierski

How it looks

All pictures are by Maciej Aleksander Kedzierski | Instagram @studio81sport

See you at the beach!

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