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My personal checklist before going kitesurfing

last edit: February 2021

There are so many things to think of before going kitesurfing that I use the following checklist on the free note taking app Notion:  

– board

– kite bag:
— kite
— pump
— pump tube

– little bag:
— food
— Suncream (yes, even in Ireland!)
— water
— towel
— underwear
— gopro

– big bag:
— bar
— harness
— wetsuit
— wet-gloves
— wet-hood
— wet-shoes
— Helmet
— Ikea bag (to put the wet gears after the session)

– My outfit
— leap card (check Getting to the spot by public transport)
— phone 
— swimsuit
— coat
— scarf
— old clothes and shoes
— Mask covid

See you at the beach!

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