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last edit: February 2021



  • Onshore: N, NE
  • Cross shore: W, NW
  • Off shore: S, SW, SE


Live wind report: Dún Laoghaire Harbour report.

– Seapoint is exposed to wave only when North swell.

Getting confused with weather forecast? I wrote this article for you.


Kiting in Seapoint is tide dependent: more than the status of the tide (high, medium, low), it is actually the height of the tide that you want to check. Overall we can say ideal condition is low tide. 

  • Ideal height: 0.4m. This height is generally met by low, or sometimes medium tide. You have enough space to launch and land the kite, far enough from the Dart lines. 
  • Okayish height: 1.4-1.6m. With this height you won’t have a lot of room to launch the kite. 
  • Impracticable height: above 1.6m kitesurfing is not possible because you will not have enough space to launch and land the kite and you will be very close to the Dart lines.  

Good news: either tide, the distance from the launch area to the water is never further than 20 meters. 

Dunno how to check tides? Take a look at this article.


First off, important to note is that Seapoint is not for inexperienced kitesurfers:
– when onshore wind: the wind can push you and your kite close to the Dart power lines.
– when cross shore wind: the Martello tower as well as the buildings around create a wind shadow that can affect the wind quite significantly by bringing a lot of uncertainty: you can be suddenly over or underpowered, especially when close to it (so typically when you are launching or landing the kite).
For more info on wind shadow I recommend watching this video from the YouTube channel Kitesurf College: video.

Important to note as well is to wear boots because pretty much everywhere shells can hurt your feet. This is particularly true with you are a beginner and will often be standing on your feet.

Getting there

With your own car

There is a dedicated car park that you can access from the city center following this [PATH].

Good to know: 
– Parking is not free.
– Parking is on concrete, so it never gets muddy. 
– It can get a bit busy when conditions are great for sunbathing.
– Access to the beach and launch area is very easy (red arrow).

By public transport

Seapoint is easily accessible by Dart. One way is about €2.40 from the city center.

Take the Southbound Dart direction to Bray or Greystone and stop at Salthill & Monkstown station

You can then access the launch area walking less than 5 minutes through this [PATH].

If you’re lost with public transports in Dublin, take a look at this article.

Opinions from kitesurfers

No opinion for now! Let me know if you want to share your experience 🙂

How it looks

All pictures below are by Jimmy Freeley

See you at the beach!

2 thoughts on “Seapoint”

  1. Well done for doing a great site. Very helpful. I am a long time Dublin windsurfer mainly out of salthill. And more recent beginner kiter. (I don’t think i’ll ever leve windsurfing though – but I have enough room in my heart for both!) Your assessment is good of the area. Salthill can be great in times of lower tide days of the month. (near 1m and below) And the more north or east in the wind the better. Avoid any wind with south in it. But you are correct about the beach – anywhere near mid to high tide is not a good situation especially for kiting. Thanks again

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