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Why ?

You are in the right place if you want to know everything you need to know for kitesurfing in Dublin. 

Kitesurf is a sport where knowing how to kitesurf is important, but to really enjoy your session you also need to know the place you kite: the spot. 

I have created this website because when I first arrived in Dublin in 2017, I already knew a little bit kitesurfing and I knew kitesurfing in Dublin is possible. However, I didn’t know where to go, how to get there without a car, how to deal with the tides and cold water temperature…  

Safety was also top of mind: each spot has its hazards and they are the kinda things you better learn beforehand rather than by experience. 

It took me years, countless sessions, numerous talks with kite-surfers on the beach or on online groups, and also some unfortunate adventures to really get to know the place

After learning the hard way, now I personally think Dublin is an amazing place to kitesurf

There are not a lot of places in the world where you have a capital city connected to different beaches, accessible by public transports and suitable for various wind directions, with wind blowing all year long

If you think about it, in Europe, is there any capital that can compete with Dublin when it comes to kitesurfing?

Okay, okay, you may say it is cold out there.  And you’re right, it is. 

But on the other hand, you will enjoy empty spots, which is very pleasant – anyone who kitesurfed in Tarifa knows how valuable this is.  Plus, cold is not a problem as long as you know which gear to wear. Originally from south of France, I struggled a bit at the beginning, but if I survived, you will too!

This website is a shortcut: a condensed guide on everything that I learnt over those past couple of years about kitesurfing in Dublin. 

My goal is simple: provide a comprehensive presentation of all the kitesurfing spots of Dublin for you to know exactly where, when, and how to go. You will save time, energy, and ride safely. Finally, you will access the best communities of kitesurfers in Dublin: live report from the beaches, tips specific to Dublin, lost-and-found, or car-pooling groups, basically anything you need to get to know other kitesurfers around. 

Disclaimer: the aim of this website is not to teach kitesurfing. However, I will advise on some schools in Dublin, kitetrips not too far from Dublin where to learn in the best ever conditions, and contents on the web that I personally used for learning kitesurfing.

Remember though that if you want to learn kitesurfing in Dublin, you may at some point need this guide: school will teach you how to kitesurf, but not when and where to kitesurf. 

Neat. How do I start?

I suggest you first take a look at the different amazing spots we have around: Spots.

How about also connecting with the vibrant and welcoming Dublin kitesurf community: Kitesurfing groups in Dublin.

Also a quick reminder on understanding weather forecast and how it applies to Dublin’s conditions never hurt: Understanding weather forecast.

Also, feel free to join the newsletter not to miss any new article : Newsletter.

You are still here? C’me on, pack your gears and see you at the beach!

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